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Amiscent is a renowned IT outsourcing company that provides large multinational corporations with a comprehensive range of manpower, software, and training services. We provide a variety of IT and software training courses as well as best consultancy to help our clients keep up with emerging technology and stay on top of the ever-changing business.

Amiscent Careers

Our AI-powered staffing solution links job seekers with suitable opportunities, allowing every company to achieve great heights.

Amiscent Learn

Our platform is designed to help you grow as a team by giving you with all of the information and knowledge you need.

Amiscent Build

Amiscent Build is a freelancing platform with a large network of individual professionals who assist clients in finding the best talent.

Amiscent Consult

Amiscent Consult is an online platform that is ready to supply you with the greatest consultancy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Values


We, as a team, cherish your trust and believe in working together to achieve our goals. We put a premium on the experience of our customers and staff, and we guarantee to never let you down. We have a strong staff that encourages everyone to learn, build, and grow as a team.

We follow the Kaizen model, which entails "continuous improvement" or "change for the better." Quality control, just-in-time delivery, standardised work, the use of efficient equipment, and waste removal are examples of tiny adjustments employed in kaizen. Change can come from any employee at any moment, and it doesn't have to proceed slowly, though kaizen acknowledges that little adjustments made now can have a large influence in the future.

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Amiscent Projects


Amiscent is now working on a project that will benefit tens of thousands of job seekers and HR professionals. This study illustrates how linear regression and the Long Short-Term Memory model operate in forecasting employment opportunities in a corporation before they are filled.

In this work, we will use data sets from multiple companies' job positions to test and train the machine learning and artificial intelligence models. The data filtration process is carried out with the help of python libraries. Python provides a fantastic capability for data visualisation and analysis. We reduce the data and employ the characteristics or attributes that are most suited for the model after we have a good knowledge of it. The model is put into action, and the results are recorded.


Amiscent is now working on a project to create a model that can scan unstructured resume data and convert it to a structured JSON format.

Every day, corporate firms and recruitment agencies go through a large number of resumes. This isn't a job for people. There is a need for an automated intelligent system that can extract all of the critical information from unstructured resumes and convert them all to a similar structured format that can then be ranked for a specific employment post.

The model will use natural language processing to analyse information from a resume, find keywords, group them into sectors based on keywords, and finally show the most relevant resume to the employer based on keyword matching. The user must first upload a résumé to the web site. The parser extracts all of the relevant data from the resume and auto-fills a form for the user to proofread. After the user confirms, the resume is saved in our database and is ready to be seen by employers.


Another project on which the Amiscent team is working is to create an AI model that can match the organisations' requirements with the data of job seekers available on LinkedIn, allowing us to quickly find the suitable and best candidate for our customers.

We are attempting to create a compatibility matching model using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning matching techniques in order to optimise candidate search for our clients. We will make use of various python libraries and decision tree algorithm.

Clients would first provide us with the job description for which they are looking for an application, and then our automated system would use matching algorithms to select the best candidate from linkedIn.

Our objective is to see every global organisation and its people develop, learn, and flourish together using the best knowledge, manpower, and software solutions available.
We are committed to creating a spirited company in which candidates and employers work together, develop connections, and cultivate a network by providing them with the best staffing options as well as the necessary knowledge and consultancy. .
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"Amiscent has helped us tremendously in our business and we owe a lot of our success to them. They've been able to quickly and reliably support our company and we're always glad to work with them."

Shoko Mugikura Design Manager

"Amiscent has been a fantastic resource for our company. They've helped us stay competitive and keep up with the ever changing industry. I think their team is second to none."

Alexander Harvard Co Founder / CEO

"I would like to say that Amiscent is a great company and I am very happy to have them on board. They have been a big help with keeping our data safe and up-to-date. I am glad we chose them."

Lindsay Swanson Creative Director

"I'm really pleased with how Amiscent took care of us during our recent project. They were always available to answer our questions and the people on the other end of the line were exceptionally polite. I've never had an outsourcer be so attentive."

Herman Miller Creative Director